Over $100B has been spent by developers, exchanges and corporations to participate in the global token economy. 100% of them take payment in crypto to operate their businesses, living on token-based economies.

Token holders rely upon high performance for decentralized networks for their tokens to retain value. There is a problem, however: no one knows which nodes are better than others — there is no universal rating system. Even more important, there is no compensation system motivating node operators to be better.

Blockchain users need high quality third-party nodes for the blockchains they create. So we’ve created a rating and governance system and proper incentive structure for tokens to retain value for token holders — a system that can be leveraged by any blockchain. We aim to be the standard for evaluating and compensating nodes.

Meanwhile, the market cap for DeFi-based tokens now exceeds $9 billion, with $4 billion already locked up in DeFI contracts. DeFi tokens are rapidly growing — some with 500% growth in a matter of days or weeks. Their on-chain economics drive buyers to quickly acquire tokens to participate in the next wave of growth in blockchain.

All DeFi platforms require blockchain governance — it’s how decentralized networks adapt and change to reflect stakeholder interests. StrongBlock is a global authority on blockchain governance: EOS, WAX, Liquidus, chair of IEEE Blockchain Governance Standards Committee, plus many global keynotes, panel discussions and posts on governance.

We have been working to create a protocol to combine the need for blockchain governance, better nodes and a merit-based reward system.

We are therefore excited to announce the STRONG Governance token — think Compound for blockchain nodes. Instead of liquidity pools, there are mining pools (called Communities). STRONG supports the demand for high quality public blockchain performance with powerful DeFi tokenomics, resulting in the first ever DeFi system that also improves the quality of the chain itself.

The STRONG token confers governance rights to its holders to propose, vote and implement changes to the StrongBlock DeFi protocol. We are using a mining approach applied to node performance.

The STRONG Governance token will have a mining reward system for node metrics, where miners and nodes will earn STRONG like a DAO. With our rating system, STRONG can be allocate allocated to the best node performers in a Community. Our first release will be for Ethereum nodes, with other blockchain nodes to follow soon after.

Upon initial release, holders of the STRONG token will govern the protocol and mining rewards. Going forward, the community can add and reward new pools, including DAOs and DApps; or even vote to add or buy back tokens.

We’re hard at work preparing the DeFi protocol for release. In anticipation, we’ll soon be adding node signup forms on http://strongblock.io.

In the coming weeks, we will provide details on the release of the STRONG token and the mining reward system.

We look forward to keeping you informed about our progress, and to the dawn of a new, meaningful DeFi era.

STRONG empowers community governance. It is not a fundraising device or investment opportunity.