StrongBlock Cross-Chain and Nifty-Fi
5 min readJun 3, 2021


As detailed in the StrongBlock Flash Paper, nodes provide crucial blockchain data, yet aren’t rewarded — so there’s no reason for them to stay in compliance.

To solve this problem, StrongBlock provides easy-to-use tools to launch compliant blockchain nodes in seconds, rewarding operators for running them.

With over 32,700 Ethereum nodes already launched and being rewarded as of this writing, StrongBlock has democratized node creation by allowing non-technical people to participate in blockchains and make a difference.

We’re preparing to launch nodes for many more protocols from our platform. Some of these protocols — like Sentinel DVPN nodes on the Cosmos blockchain — will not be Ethereum-based. That’s in line with our mission to be blockchain agnostic. Yet there’s a reason we chose Ethereum to start.


Like Ethereum, Disneyland has great rides and amazing variety, but it’s hot, crowded and expensive. Like Yogi Berra once said, “No one goes there nowadays, it’s too crowded.”

We’ve all heard a lot about the rise of Ethereum killers. Yet no Ethereum killer has yet achieved Ethereum’s massive network effect. In other words, everyone goes to Ethereum, even though it’s hot, crowded and expensive. Because everyone is there.

When we launched our Nodes-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform in December, 2020, we chose Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) as our protocol due to its portability, liquidity and ubiquity. EVM is the core of the Ethereum mainnet, as well as many Layer 2 and side-chains including Fantom, Polygon, xDai, Optimism, Arbitrum, BSC, HECO and more. Ethereum ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 token smart contracts are the gold standards for all cryptocurrency.

Like many other projects faced with high Ethereum gas fees, StrongBlock wants to make the best strategic choices for the community. There is no real answer yet to the need for speed, low cost and security needed to support blockchain growth. That’s why cross-chain compatibility is the future.

Given Ethereum’s dominant position, it will continue to be important for on- and off-ramps for the liquidity of StrongBlock’s ERC-based tokens. When Ethereum 2.0 becomes active with Proof-of-Stake, we will consider that as an option.

In the near future, EVM side-chains and Ethereum Layer 2 chains will be used for most StrongBlock platform activities, especially those involving our NFT’s, to keep gas costs low — especially when it’s hot, crowded and expensive on the Ethereum mainnet.

Going forward, launching nodes and collecting rewards may be on EVM-compatible chains, but will likely continue to share the same User Interface.

StrongBlock NiftyFi

Non-Fungible Tokens. NFT’s. Pretty. But what are they for? StrongBlock has imagined a world where NFT’s aren’t just pretty trinkets, they’re functional components, integral to the protocol itself.

StrongBlock NiftyFi — Ethereum ERC-1155 NFT’s with a DeFi purpose — introduces collectible yet functional NFT’s, each providing power and access in the StrongBlock protocol as it expands across multiple blockchains.

We have completed ERC-1155 bridges to Fantom, BSC and HECO — with more bridges in the works — as well as partnering with Chainswap, so that your STRONG and NFT’s will be recognized and portable across as many EVM and non-EVM chains as possible.

StrongBlock Metal Serialized NFT Types — 5,189 Total

Super-rare Platinum

  • 100 Total
  • Adds .05 STRONG per node per 7000 Ethereum blocks
  • Can be used for up to 10 nodes in one wallet
  • Total .5 additional STRONG per 7000 Ethereum blocks

Scarce Gold

  • 500 Total
  • Adds .04 STRONG per node per 7000 Ethereum blocks
  • Can be used for up to 5 nodes in one wallet
  • Total .2 additional STRONG per 7000 Ethereum blocks

Uncommon Silver

  • 1000 Total
  • Adds .03 STRONG per node per 7000 Ethereum blocks
  • Can be used for up to 2 nodes in one wallet
  • Total .06 additional STRONG per 7000 Ethereum blocks

Rare Bronze

  • 3589 Total
  • Adds .0125 STRONG per node per 7000 Ethereum blocks
  • Can be used for 1 node in one wallet
  • Total .0125 additional STRONG per 7000 Ethereum blocks

NFT Features

  • Enhanced Rewards
  • Multiple nodes per wallet (depending on NFT type)
  • Early access to new nodes and pools
  • Exclusive access to some features (based on NFT type and serial #)
  • Airdrops and contests
  • Many more features and exclusives — well beyond additional rewards
  • Really pretty too

NFT’s. Powerful. Collectible. Not just pretty trinkets.

Silver, Gold and Platinum metal NFT’s will be available starting June 3, 2021, in Dutch auction format on a secure, dedicated area on the StrongBlock site. There will be ceiling and floor prices for each NFT type, descending over 48 hour periods, or until all of that type of NFT has been sold, whichever comes first. Contributions for the NFT’s will be a combination of ETH and STRONG.

All STRONG contributions will be sent to the SB-Community wallet for community rewards. ETH contributions will be used to expand the StrongBlock platform node and protocol reach, provide crucial validators on other networks, possibly create new chains, and fund future projects.

When the NFT Dutch auction is complete, staking of Silver, Gold and Platinum NFT’s — and rewards enhancement — will be activated on the StrongBlock App. We will continue to use OpenSea as the secondary NFT market platform.

Given that less than 28% of the 32,700 current nodes can be enhanced by the metal NFT’s, we are working on other types of NFT’s with similar attributes that can be earned over time through staking pools.

The primary use of NiftyFi NFT’s is to supplement rewards earned through launching and operating nodes on one or more blockchains to support their security and resilience.

Is a DAO in StrongBlock’s Future?

The near-term goal for STRONG is zero inflation or deflation. With our first Halvening, it became harder to earn STRONG tokens. It will continually become more difficult to earn STRONG tokens. This is necessary given the extremely limited total supply of only 520,989 STRONG.

STRONG tokens will gradually fulfill their purpose: to fully govern and direct the protocol. New node types and rewards will be proposed and voted on by the community, with the protocol itself perhaps becoming a DAO. NFT’s may also play a role in governance. This is all to be decided by the community as the protocol matures.


StrongBlock supports and rewards node operators who strengthen blockchains. Node rewards come from a combination of STRONG, native tokens and NFT’s.

Over time, the Tokenomics approach is designed to reduce — and eventually eliminate — inflation, gradually guiding the protocol into a model designed for long-term, self-sustained growth.


Node reward levels are not, and have never been, guaranteed; they are a goal that can be reached with a combination of STRONG, NFT’s, revenue, and other incentives, and will change over time based on a number of factors.

Always verify the STRONG Token Smart Contract and the StrongBlock NFT Smart Contract. Make sure you are on the official StrongBlock Site.

STRONG enables decentralized governance of its community NiftyFi protocol. STRONG is not a fundraising device or investment opportunity.

Keep informed by following us on the official StrongBlock website, Twitter, and Telegram, and YouTube channel.



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