StrongBlock: DeFi With a Purpose

StrongBlock is excited to announce that our dev team has been making amazing progress on our “DeFi with a purpose” platform.

We will be doing a rolling release of key modules in the platform between now and October 1, 2020. As soon as each module is tested and perfected, it will roll out the door. We expect this to happen every few weeks until the whole platform is live.

Those of you who have followed the StrongBlock team know that we have a rare and well-earned reputation in the blockchain space: we actually build what we say we’re going to build, and deliver it when we say we’re going to deliver it.

Key modules include:

  1. Node signup
  2. Decentralized Governance with STRONG
  3. Node quality analysis and voting
  4. Mining and STRONG rewards

When the Decentralized Governance module has been enabled, STRONG will be made available publicly so you can commence with governance of the platform.

Along with the module releases, we’ll have partnership announcements as well. We’ll also be going into detail in our posts, interviews and press releases about why our unique “DeFi with a purpose” approach fills a gaping hole in the blockchain space, and how you can get involved.

Thanks for joining us on this groundbreaking journey!

The STRONG ERC-20 token empowers decentralized community governance of the StrongBlock DeFi platform. It is not a fundraising vehicle or investment opportunity.



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