StrongBlock Nodes-as-a-Service upgrades to STRNGR token
3 min readApr 5, 2022

StrongBlock, which pioneered Nodes-as-a-Service (NaaS) by rewarding node creators for their participation, is excited to announce it will be upgrading its NaaS DApp platform to the Stronger (STRNGR) token on April 5, 2022, Pacific Time. For several hours prior to the upgrade, claiming of STRONG will be disabled. This will be announced on Twitter, on the Website, and in the DApp.

STRONG within the NaaS DApp platform will be automatically upgraded to STRNGR on a 1:1 basis. No action will be required by anyone already participating in the platform.

After the upgrade is complete, STRNGR will replace STRONG as the token used to create nodes within the NaaS DApp in current and upcoming protocols, as well as the reward token for the NaaS DApp.

This platform-wide upgrade will include contributions and rewards for:

  • Ethereum 1.0 Nodes
  • Polygon Nodes
  • DVPN Nodes
  • StrongPool miners

For the Ethereum 2.0 pool, only contributions will be upgraded to STRNGR. Rewards in that pool will continue to be in ETH.

The following LP pools will only have rewards upgraded to STRNGR.


Since these two pools require mining with LP tokens that incorporate the STRONG token, mining into them will be disabled when the upgrade takes place.

A new mining pool will be created for STRNGR-ETH LP tokens. These LP tokens can be created by providing liquidity in a Uniswap STRNGR-ETH pool that will be created — and initial liquidity provided — by StrongBlock on April 5, 2022.

All Metal NFT’s will initially have the same powers, boosting rewards with STRNGR instead of STRONG.

For those wallets holding STRONG outside of the NaaS Dapp, a Uniswap pool will be provided for manually upgrading STRONG to STRNGR.

The community-first tokenomics model described in the StrongChain Light Paper is designed for a smooth transition to a broader, sustainable economy, where STRNGR will become the primary token for StrongChain, StrongBlock’s innovative community-first Layer 1 EVM-compatible platform.

The total STRNGR available for circulation after the upgrade will be the same as the current total amount of STRONG — 528,886. The remainder of the 10,000,000 minted STRNGR tokens will not be circulated until after the allocations have been finalized, or as necessary for project growth. The majority of tokens are reserved for StrongChain. The community will be updated in a new Medium post as we move closer to releasing StrongChain.

“This platform-wide upgrade to STRNGR enhances sustainability for the entire community, and powers many exciting new NaaS features on the 2022 Roadmap, including node migration and transfer, a node marketplace, and dramatically lower gas fees,” said David Moss, StrongBlock CEO and Founder. “More importantly, it lays the foundation for StrongChain, a community-first chain that will drive value back to the community by enabling them to tap into the Validator and Delegation fee and reward system that is typically only available to majority token holders.”

About StrongBlock

StrongBlock was the first multi-chain Nodes-as-a-Service platform to reward nodes for supporting their blockchain infrastructure. Its innovation and leadership have inspired the entire category of Infrastructure DeFi.

StrongBlock’s mission is to provide non-technical users the ability to launch and operate full blockchain nodes to increase blockchain strength, incentivizing them with STRNGR and native protocol tokens.

Since December 3, 2020, over 455,000 nodes have been created through the StrongBlock NaaS DApp platform by over 40,000 participants. In doing so, StrongBlock has provided resources to networks seeking security, diversity, and decentralization.

The NaaS DApp and node reward mechanism, integrated with NFT tokens, has laid the foundation for stronger, more secure, and economically sound blockchain networks.

STRNGR powers the StrongBlock NaaS DApp. STRNGR is not a fundraising device or investment opportunity.

Learn more by visiting StrongBlock’s Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Facebook, Youtube and Discord.



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